African Grey Parrots: How Long Can They Be Left Alone?

how long can african grey parrots be left alone

How Long Can African Grey Parrots Be Left Alone Have you ever felt the pain of coming home to find yourself alone? The silence can be overwhelming, showing us how much we need connection. Imagine feeling this way all the time, and you’ll see how hard it is on African Grey Parrots.

African Grey Parrots are smart and beautiful birds. They love being around people and need lots of time outside their cages to stay happy1. They feel lonely just like us and can get really sad if left alone too long.

Being lonely can hurt these parrots a lot. They might start plucking their feathers, scream for attention, act aggressive, or even hurt themselves1. They also might have mental health issues because they don’t get enough social time.

Key Takeaways:

  • African Grey Parrots need a lot of time outside their cage and love being around people1.
  • Lonely parrots can have problems like feather plucking, screaming for attention, being aggressive, hurting themselves, and mental health issues1.

African Grey Parrot Care: Fulfilling Their Companion Needs

African Grey parrots love being around people and need lots of attention. They do best with regular interaction to stay happy and healthy. It’s important to know how much they need you and give them the right care.

Don’t leave an African Grey parrot alone for too long. They get anxious and stressed without company. This can make them pluck feathers, scream for attention, bite, or hurt themselves2.

Spending time with your parrot outside their cage is great. Let them explore, play with family, and do things that make them think. A regular routine with play and talk will make a strong bond with your parrot.

African Grey parrots are great at talking and mimicking. Talk to them, teach them new words, and have conversations. This keeps their minds sharp and makes them feel part of the family.

Give them a fun environment by changing toys often and using foraging toys. Also, feed them a variety of foods like fruits, veggies, pellets, and nuts. This keeps them busy and healthy2.

African Grey parrots can live a long time, up to several decades. Owners must be ready to care for them for many years3. Regular vet visits are important to check their health and catch any problems early2.

Joining support groups and forums can really help parrot owners. These places let you share tips, get advice, and meet others who care for parrots. The help and advice from these groups are very useful for caring for an African Grey parrot2.

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Leaving African Grey Parrots Home Alone: Best Practices

When you leave African Grey parrots alone, make sure they stay happy and well. These smart birds need special care, even when you’re not there. By following some tips, you can make sure they’re okay while you’re away.

Create an Enriched Environment

It’s key to keep your parrot busy and happy by making their space interesting. Give them toys with different textures and activities. Toys that challenge their minds and radio or TV sounds can help.

Also, place their cage near a window for them to watch the outside. This can make them feel less lonely.

Consider Frozen Meals and Backup Caregivers

Make sure your parrot eats well when you’re away. Think about giving them frozen meals that thaw easily. This is what 100% of caregivers suggest4.

Also, have a backup person ready, like a neighbor or family member, who knows how to take care of your parrot4. This can give you peace of mind.

Engage in Bird Talks and Repeating Conversations

Talk to your parrot before you leave to help them get used to being alone4. Talking about when you’ll be back can ease their worries. Talking every day can make them feel secure.

Limit Duration of Alone Time

It’s important not to leave your parrot alone for too long. They love being with people and can get stressed if left alone too much. Try to find someone to visit them regularly.

Using a pet-sitting service is a good idea. It means your parrot gets company and care. Many people prefer this option4. Keeping your parrot company can really help their happiness.

Do Not Worry About Leaving Your African Grey Parrot

Don’t worry about leaving your parrot, say all the caregivers4. With the right care, like a fun environment, food, and company, they’ll be fine. Just follow these tips to keep them happy and well.

Your African Grey parrot is a special friend that needs your attention and care. By doing these things, you can make sure they’re happy even when you’re not there. Leaving them alone shouldn’t worry you if you take good care of them.

Tips for Leaving African Grey Parrots Home Alone

When you leave your African Grey parrot alone, make sure they have lots of things to do. This keeps them happy and sharp. Here are some tips to make your parrot’s day fun while you’re out:

  1. Provide a variety of toys: African Grey parrots like different toys. Some like puzzles, others like toys with different textures. Give them a mix of toys and change them often to keep things interesting5.
  2. Include foraging toys: Toys that make them work to get food are great. They use their brains and act like they’re foraging in the wild5.
  3. Leave treats and food puzzles: Treats and puzzles keep your parrot’s mind sharp. They’ll have fun figuring out how to get their treats5.
  4. Create an active environment: Make sure your parrot’s space is lively. You can play TV or radio for them. Some parrots even like watching cartoons5.
  5. Keep a consistent schedule: A steady routine helps your parrot feel secure. It stops them from getting stressed or clingy when you’re away5.
  6. Consider bringing your parrot to work: Taking your parrot to work can be good for them. Make sure your workplace is okay for a parrot and that it’s allowed5.
  7. Encourage interaction: Spending time with people is good for parrots. If you have someone you trust, they can hang out with your parrot. This helps with their social skills and happiness5.

By using these tips, you can make sure your African Grey parrot stays happy and busy while you’re away.


Owning an African Grey Parrot means making a big commitment. These smart birds can live up to 60 years6. They need at least two hours of attention from you every day6. It’s key to take care of their body and mind.

They need a big cage, at least 32 inches wide, 32 inches long, and 48 inches tall6. A diet rich in fresh fruits and veggies is also important for them67.

Keeping their living area clean is a must. Clean their birdbaths 2-3 times a week and clean their cage every week, disinfecting it monthly6. They love spending time with people, so make sure they get at least two hours of interaction daily6. Training them should be done with patience and positive reinforcement6.

If you need to leave them alone, make sure they have toys and sounds to keep them busy6. But, it’s best to arrange for someone to look after them when you’re away. This way, they stay happy and well-cared for.


How long can African Grey parrots be left alone?

African Grey parrots shouldn’t be left alone for too long. They need a lot of attention and company to be happy.

What are the basic care needs for African Grey parrots?

These parrots need lots of time outside their cage, regular human interaction, and a steady routine. This helps them stay healthy and happy.

What happens if African Grey parrots are left alone for too long?

Being alone for a long time can hurt their mental health. They might start feather plucking, scream for attention, bite, or hurt themselves.

How can I keep my African Grey parrot entertained when I’m not home?

Give them toys, puzzles, and things to think about to keep them busy. Playing the TV or radio can also keep them entertained.

What are some best practices for leaving African Grey parrots home alone?

Make sure they have lots of toys and activities when you’re away. Change toys often and leave treats or puzzles to keep their minds sharp.

Can African Grey parrots be left alone for short periods?

Try to keep the time they spend alone as short as possible. It’s important to give them regular human time and a steady routine to meet their needs.

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