The Draco Large bird cage is perfect for medium-sized parrots such as African Greys, Amazons, and Eclectus.

Featuring a classic dark grey antique finish and a spacious front-opening door, this cage is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The side food bowls are accessible via side-opening doors, each with a semi-circular metal piece to prevent your bird from removing the bowl. For easy cleaning and mobility, the cage is mounted on wheels and includes a secure half-moon style front door lock. The top of the cage has a solid bar top and a removable tray to catch droppings when your bird is on the play top, which can be removed to allow more light inside the cage.


  • Dimensions: 102cm x 79cm x 171cm (including optional seed catchers)
  • Bar spacing: 30mm (including bars)
  • Bar strength: 3.2 – 4mm
  • Weight: approximately 32kg

Additional Information:

  • Height to the top food bowls: 171cm
  • Height to top tray/roof: 141cm
  • Includes 4 wheels, 2 perches, and 3 food bowls
  • Delivered flat-packed
  • Must be kept dry at all times
  • Non-toxic paint used, though it may peel if chewed

Please note that while the bar spacing and thickness are provided, it is your responsibility to determine the cage’s suitability for your bird. Our recommendations serve as guidelines only.

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