Here are some questions we frequently are asked which you may find useful.


How Do I contact you?

The fastest way to contact us is by email [email protected]

What should I do if my parcel arrives damaged?

You must sign for the parcel as damaged and contact us by email with images of the damage. If Cages arrive and they are badly damaged you should refuse the delivery.

What should I do if I order something wrong and want to return it?

No problem, return it to the address on the top of the invoice, 2509 Woodstock Rd Los Angeles CA 90046, also found on the contact us form. It must be in original packaging and unused with original labels. We recommend taking insurance against loss or damage with the courier you use to return it.

Can I pay using Paypal?

Yes, at the checkout there are 2 options. You can either pay through Paypal or select Card to pay using credit/debit cards. We also accept American Express. These are all secure trusted payment gateways and at no point do we have access to your card details or store anything on our website.

Can I have my order shipped to a different address to my billing address?

Yes, at the checkout there is a section for shipping address, this can be to a work place, neighbour etc

Which is best, pellets or seeds diets?

This remains an ongoing debate. We believe a mix of both to be the best for most birds, we only sell top quality bird seed mixes so find the one to suit your bird type and add some pellet complete diet. Roudybush, Hagen and Harrisons are the most popular pellets we sell.

If I do decide to try to convert fully to pellets how do I do it?

Usually the Roudybush pellets are the best way. There is a soak n feed available but also a wide variety of sizes in pellets. Introduce a new diet gradually soyou do not stress your birds liver.

Which UV lamp is best for my bird?

If your bird is particularly destructive you may prefer the floor standing lamp as opposed to the cage fitted ones. Uv lights are recommended by most avian vets to help birds process calcium, help with feather plucking and general behaviour. Link below to lighting.


My birds nails are very long, do I need the vet to trim them?

Usually the nail trimming perches will do the trick. Remember to buy bigger rather than smaller so the birds nails sit on the perch rather than wrapping around it. You`ll find them under Perches, then Nail Trimming Perches or click the link below.

How can I stop my bird feather plucking?

There is no cure for feather plucking. Full stop! You must rule out any health issues with your vet. Once done, don`t blame yourself! Provide your bird with foraging toys, shredding toys, love and care. A UV lamp may help. Regular spray baths will also help stop any dry skin. A plucking bird is not necessarily an unhappy bird. Link below to toys which may help along with some of our pluckers food mixes and packs

I need to rehome my bird, what do I do?

First please make sure it is the right thing to do. Don`t rehome your bird because you think you are not good enough or the bird would be happier elsewhere. That is not necessarily the case and if things are not going right, again please look to some of the forums and groups on our links. However, if you do decide rehoming is the option you want to take, please contact Problem Parrots or a reputable bird charity.

Why am I charged VAT?

VAT is charged on all goods sold within the US. We do not add VAT, we merely show you a breakdown in your cart. An item at $5 on the website will shows as $4.17 plus vat in your cart. We want to be upfront about all costs and will only ever charge the price on the website. Please note goods sold over seas are charged at that countries VAT rate and prices may vary slightly to those shown on the website.

Does my bird need a vitamin supplement?

It is generally recommended that African Greys and most other birds have a calcium supplement, especially egg laying birds. Calcivet is most popular for birds on a seed diet and FeatherUp is good for birds who are moulting. If your bird is very young or on a pellet diet supplements are not recommended

How do I know if my bird is ill?

General signs of illness are, fluffing up, tiredness, discharge from the nose, loss of appetite, loose droppings, discolured white part to the droppings (though this alters depending on what the bird has eaten), wheezing, heavy breathing, change in behaviour, weakness in his grip. These are all signs that your bird is ill

What should I do if my bird is ill?

Seek advice from an avian vet straight away. In the meantime keep your bird warm and hydrated. Guardian Angel is particularly good for ill birds as is Harrisons recovery formula. Both found on the healthcare pages. Do not attempt to spray your bird or take it out of familiar surroundings. If your bird is unsteady on his feet lower the perches and put a towel on the bottom of the cage.

If your bird is gasping or has shallow breathing either take him into a bathroom where it is steamy, nebulise with F10SC if you have any to hand or boil a kettle and put steaming water near him for him to inhale.

Why don`t you ship to my country?

It is either due to a high carriage charge or customs related reasons. We ship to 25 countries outside of the USA and you will not be charged import duty upon receipt of the goods. The price you pay at the checkout is a final price. We take care of the rest.