When i was told that African greys were great talkers i wasn’t so sure due to my past experience with other Parrot species who have been silent and that made me a little sad sometimes. Now I’m so happy that the new baby has already started saying words like good morning. I will definitely recommend my friends and other family to buy  from you. I appreciate everything you did for us…

Kelly Mesh

Thank you for a new family member. i am a single mom. My son is not bored anymore because he has a playmate now and zilo our African Grey loves  my son so much

Perle Way

Just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying Keng . He is almost 9 months old now, and is absolutely adorable. We enjoy taking him out where he loves to see other animals and birds…    Mexico

Phil Moore

Feeling very happy”Much love from Canada. My parrot was delivered at my door steps. Thank you so much . i will definitely get another Parrot some other time.

Jack & Marie


“Thank You  for our healthy, playful and lovely parrot. we will recommend you to our friends who will love to have a parrot as a new family member. Am sorry to say that i had some doubts from the beginning but i decided to give it a try. i was surprised when i saw your delivery van in front of my house. i want to thank You so much” Thanks

Henry Pac

Thank you so much for your  help & advice throughout the whole process of getting our little African Grey Parrot. He completes our home . We can’t wait to watch him grow & be a part of our lives. You’ve done a wonderful job in his early life & we thank you for that. Thank you so much.

Martino Suarez

Just received a beautiful 5 months African Grey. We tried for six months to adopt a rescue, but they went as soon as they were posted on the rescue websites. Your service is great. Our bird was delivered to our door in a great condition and healthy We really appreciate your service.

Kimberly Isabel

I purchased a bird from you guys after doing a lot of research online and messaging other people who have purchased birds as well. It was very important to me that this bird be very trainable and socialized since I’d plan on going through extensive training for her to be a family pet . Our Annie arrived mexico very healthy at 8 months old.


I got my new  baby 4 days ago.my baby thinks he is a real boy, has a personality of his own free will.

Loves potatoes, Pasta, Rice, Corn and tea with dipped biscuits and his favorite is green beans and mangoes.

thank you so much.

Ruis & Carlos

“Your African Grey parrots are so cute. Thank you. i just received mine. Will love to buy the African Cape Parrot?”

Filli & Scoty

“Thanks” to all our clients who took time off their busy schedule to express their satisfaction .